All of the power of OpenOffice at your service

OpenOffice is the world's most used office suite after MS Office. Millions of people use it to complete the most common office tasks (more information).

OpenOffice is much more than just software for creating documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. It can easily be adapted, automated, extended, and integrated into its IT environment.

Kilargo helps its clients make the most of OpenOffice by adapting it so that it meets their needs as best as possible. Special developments make it possible to add new functionalities to respond to the needs expressed by clients.

Kilargo's offering is intended for companies of all sizes, administrations, and associations who want to use OpenOffice more efficiently or better integrate it into their information system and thus be more productive.

A human-sized company, Kilargo offers its clients the best consideration of their needs, the search for the best suited solution, and the best possible responsiveness to their requests. Kilargo offers its clients an excellent return on investment by using the best development techniques at affordable prices.

For an overview of OpenOffice's extension possibilities, you can download OKDict, our latest extension, at no charge.


Software: OpenOffice (integration, extensions, macros), PostgreSQL

Libraries: boost, Qt, Xerces

Design: UML, Design Patterns

Programming languages : C++, Perl/XS, Java, StarBasic, XML, SQL

Operating systems: Linux, Windows


The OKDict extension enables you to look up word definitions on the Internet. You can use OKDict with the main applications of OpenOffice, such as Writer, Writer/Web, Calc, Draw and Impress.

Operating system: Windows
Version: 1.0.0

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